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MyCocktail v2.2
MyCocktail. MyCocktail is a java application with detailed information about 66 famous cocktails (IBA and some non IBA cocktail), classified in Alcoholic, Low Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic drinks. You can also search a drink by name or by basic liqueur. Enjoy this usefull java software.
MyCocktail Java Mobile Software
MyCocktail v2.2

Morse Coder 2.0
Morse Coder is ready for download. Morse Coder is a mobile java software that will help you to learn the Morse Alphabet. These mobile java application consists of a section that describes the Morse Alphabet, a English to Morse Code translator tool, and a usefull three level test tool (easy, medium and hard). If you want to learn the Morse Code, then these java software is for you. Morse Coder is a Mobile software designed for Mobile Phones, PDA and Smartphones. Enjoy Morse Coder.
Morse Coder Java Mobile Software
Morse Coder

Flags Code 3.0
Flags Code is ready for download. Flags Code is a mobile software written in java that will help you to learn the Flags Signaling and the meaning of flags in the International Code of Signals. This Mobile application is equipped with a usefull list of most used general signal codes, and with a seek function than will help you to find informations you need. Take the power of Flags Code with you on your mobile phone, download and install this java mobile application.
Flags Code Java Mobile Software
Flags Code

Cuidado com fraudes !!!
Ninguém está autorizado a vender Spyphone. Spyphone é um software livre makes all his commercial java applications and games available for free. Unlock now applications you like. For Free !!!
Spy Phone
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Thanks to Spy Phone Java software, you can save automatically name, time and date of the cities you visit. Once activated, this software works in background, and silently saves the city name everytime you enter new city. Pay attention ! DON'T HIDE the mobile phone where this application is installed in your girlfriend/boyfriend's car !!! This is illegal !!! This java software, for now, works only under GSM network, and doesn't work under UMTS network. If you got GSM/UMTS mobile phone, remember to deactivate UMTS network if you want Spy Phone works correctly. Remember also that you must EXIT the application after activation, otherwise won't work.

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Type: Software for Mobile Phones
Category: Java Mobile Applications
Devices: Mobile Phones, PDA and Smartphone Java
Size: 21 KB

Terms of Service
Terms of Service

Mobile Phone Technical Requirement
- Profile: MIDP 2.0
- Configuration: CLDC 1.0
- Color Display
- Limits:
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